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Bridal shower

I had my bridal shower the other weekend!! It went really really good. My sister did an amazing job putting it on, she should be a party planner, she is such a hard ass and gets shit done haha
It was on a Sunday it was a brunch kind of thing. There was an awesome mimosa bar! Where we finished 8 bottles of champagne, oops! Sorry not sorry hahaha
I pretty much got everything off of my registry,even my big items like a new kureg, 18 bottle wine cooler (wine not included) bummer! Any fav a KITCHEN AID!!!! Woohoooooo super excited about that I’ve been askong for one since my birthday (October)
We have dinner every Wednesday night at my sisters and I always make the dessert so having the kitchen aid will be awesome for making new yummy desserts!
My wedding is coming so quickly only 52 days left!!!!! Ahhhh!! I have been habing wedding day nightmares. One night i dreamt I bought a black dress!!! Ewww another night i dreamt that it was raining like crazy but we took our photos out in ot anyways and we all ruined our dresses and hair! I hope these dont keep happening up until the day! Ugh so stressful.
Alright well just a little short post to update on my life time for bed πŸ™‚

Until next time! Have a good one πŸ™‚

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My Oh My!!

Welp it’s official, I am having wedding planning problems and have pissed some people off!! I guess it was bound to happen. You know how everyone has some crazies in their family?? welllll I have gone and pissed off the crazies in my family! The 2 that are the crazy ones just so happen to be married to each other so it kind of makes it worse!

We were kind of looking for an excuse to not invite them anyways because they are known to start drama and who wants drama at their wedding!??! NOT ME!! we get one damn day and i want it perfect DAMMIT!!

Some things happen some words were said they were uninvited and Man they are pissed!! we will call them Mrs. Angry and Mr. Angry. Well Mr. Angry actually showed up at my fiances work to discuss the situation, how inappropriate right?! Pretty much Jordon told Mr. Angry whats done is done and I am sorry you and Mrs. Angry got a save the date but you will NOT be getting and invitation and that is that. Mr. Angry got even more Angry! He ended up running into my future mother in law in the Dollar store and confronted her! again some words were said and Mr. Angry left even more angry!!!

Then Mrs. Angry decided to get involved and she Facebook messaged future father in law and said F**K you and your perfect family!! and F**K you if you think I can’t ruin this wedding!!! pretty crazy huh?? yup thats my family hahahah really proud! so father in law didn’t respond which made Mrs. Angry, can you guess?? even more ANGRY so she decided to message me! she told me my parents are the biggest drunks in the north country and that my in laws personal life is going down and blah blah blahhhhhhhh so all I said back to her was “And this is exactly why you and Mr. Angry are NOT invited” then she talked some more about bringing down my in laws (she’s seriously nuts!) then she proceeded to call me a DRUNK! and that our wedding will not be elegant at all and all this other crap.

I decided to take the high road and not respond anymore, which is big for me cause I get really fired up with stuff like this and love to rip into people that are talking shit! but I didn’t and it felt good! I think it made her even more mad hahaha

So yeah thats what I’m dealing with and now I am terrified they are actually going to try and ruin my wedding!!! I have been having nightmares about it! But on the bright side everyone knows how they are and if they try and show up hopefully they will be kicked out very quickly!

and on the BRIGHTEST side ever I got my wedding dress!!!! woohooooooo it is all payed off and sitting pretty at my parents house! πŸ™‚ I can’t wait to be a married lady I am marrying my bestfriend and I couldn’t be happier so I wont let Mr. and Mrs. Angry ruin that and bring me down!

well thats all for now hope you all are having less drama then me πŸ™‚

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honeymoon booked!

I’m so excited Jordon and I got our honeymoon booked!!! we are getting married June 27th and leaving for out honeymoon the next day (28th) since it is going to be summer time we decided not to do a traditional all rest and relaxation honeymoon. Instead we are oging to fly into Orlando Florida and spend 2 days at UNIVERSAL STUDIO’S!!!! I can not wait to see all the Harry Potter stuff I havn’t been to Universal since I was a kid so I don’t even really remember. Then from Orlando we are going to fly to the Bahamas for a nice 3 days πŸ™‚ I think this is going to be the perfect fun honeymoon for us πŸ™‚ I can not wait!!!

We have 2 dogs which you know if you have read any of my blogs and we don’t like to leave them for a long time so 7 days is good well 8 days I guess cause we will get back in on the fourth of July! I told Jordon I could not miss a 4th of July in Pburgh!!! it is my fav holiday full of fireworks, drinking, boating, friends/family and camping!! who doesnt love that??!? Thankfully he agreed πŸ™‚

I feel so lucky that we get to go on our honeymoon right after our wedding a lot of my friends couldn’t afford it and had to wait like a year! I would hate having to do that I want to celebrate being married right then and there and fr days after! not go back to the real world after having a wonderful wedding.

there are 82 days left until our AHHHHH so crazy I ca n’t wait!!!!

ok just a short little post about my excitement πŸ™‚ time to go get my passport!

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Thank god its Thursday

Man oh man am I happy it is Thursday and almost the weekend. I havn’t even had that many kids this week because of spring break but it feels like it has been the longest week everrrrrrrrrrr. The kids have been super obnoxious I think it is because SPRING is finally coming!!! and we have been able to get outside πŸ™‚ so they are all wild
She is too big for that obviously haha

My niece is extra annoying (I can say that cause I’m her aunt haha) she is 1 and in the stage where she is into EVERYTHING!!! especially things she is not suposed to get into, like my purse, the other kids bags, on top of tables, on top of the kids, in the microwave, in the toilet, in the fish tank, on the computer chair, tries to escape out the front door. PHEW!! sounds pretty tiring huh?? well it is!!! It also sounds like I am horrible at my job, but really I am not she is like this with her mom too she is too fast and just a wild child! but thats why I love her she is a wild child who keeps me on my toes! She keeps the day interesting thats for sure!

She might be wild nut shes the cutest!

I am sitting outside as I write and it is such a great feeling. it is 60 degrees there is a nice breeze and the smell of spring is in the air! My pupparoos are outside playing and I just love them. And they love this nice weather! But who doesn’t?? it automatically puts you in a good mood after a long boring depressing winter, and if it doesn’t put you in a good mood then maybe you are just a Debbie downer all year round! YUCK! You know what this weather makes me want!?!


Guy the pup


Josie syanding gaurd

A nice cold Corona….with lime of course! but I don’t have any limes so ill settle for just the corona it is just as good though πŸ™‚



Ok now that you know I’m happy with my corona. It’s time t talk about Furious 7!!! Jordon and I are going to see an early showing tonight at 7!!! I can’t wait I love the fast and furious movies! Anybody else love them? Let me be clear though I only like the original ones with the full original cast. So not Tokyo drift or??? I don’t know I can’t think of any other ones but I knoe they are out there and I will not watch them they are LAME! I have a feeling I might cry though, I heard there was a tribute to Paul Walker πŸ˜₯ It is such a sad tragic thing that happened to him. Oh talking about Paul can we take a minute to talk about his daughter and what her name is. It is Meadow, perfectly fine pretty name I guess but please say it out loud with me the whole name, Meadow Walker…….

yup Meadow Walker is her name I find it kind of funny I’m not making fun of it Im all for fun names that do funny things like that but it just made me laugh when I was reading about it. I want to know if it was intentional it had to be right? I mean I probably would have done it too if my last name was Walker. Meadow Walker hahaha I love it!

Alright this post is already random enough so I,ll stop ha but ill be sure to let you all know how Furious 7 is!!!

until next time have a good one πŸ™‚

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Date Night

Tonight Jordon and I are having a date night πŸ™‚ We did have dinner and a movie planned for this past Saturday but he ended up getting home late from work. I know what you are thinking, it was a Saturday you didn’t have to work or anything the next day! But I am a serious grandma sometimes and well Saturday I was grandma Angie and there was no way I could go to a 9:30 movie and stay awake! haha. So tonight we are going to do dinner and then Friday we are going to the movies, A 7:30 showing hopefully!

I think date nights are really important for couples even though you and your significant other might have dinner and couch time every night you can still always use a night out together. I think it is so easy get “too” comfortable with your partner to the point where you feel like roommates instead of BF and GF. It has happened with us a couple of times actually. But usually one of us realizes and we bring it up to the other and it is nothing a little date night can’t fix!

date nights should always be out doing something like a movie, or dinner, or just drinks or even a walk as long as it is out of the house and just the 2 of you. hold hands and kiss and just remember why you are even with that person πŸ™‚ Don’t talk abut work or the usual stuff you would when you are bumming with them at home. talk about stuff that is exciting to the both of you. For us it will probably be about our wedding coming up in June! and then our honeymoon, and the new stuff Jordon ordered to fix up our boat for the summer πŸ™‚ woohoo we love boating!!

Speaking of dates, before Jordon and I were together, he was the only guy who actually took me out on a real date! we went to the 99 restaurant and I went home after and everything! Maybe that is why I fell for him! DO people even go on dates anymore? who knows either way I am glad Jordon took me out on a date cause I fell in love with him and now we are getting married 6 years later! I can’t wait to see what this life brings us as a married couple! I’m going to be a WIFE in 3 months!! HOLY SHIT that is crazy think about! haha

ok enough about all that stuff it’s time to get ready for my hot date! until next time everyone have a good one πŸ™‚

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Wedding Rant

Wow it has been a couple of days since the last time I posted something! oops where have I been you ask? welllll I have been doing a lot of wedding planning lately. I am getting married on June 27 this year!!! its only 90 days away! HOLY SHIT! it is coming fast!

So yesterday I went to my sisters who is my maid of honor so obviously she has to help out a lot πŸ™‚ We were getting my invites all filled out and finished. We are having a pretty large wedding, 230 people large! so we had a lot of invites to write out, yup thats right we wrote them alllll out! I don’t know what I was thinking there because my hand writing isn’t even that good and neither is my sisters haha. By the time we were getting to the end they were looking a little sloppy. Oh well you don’t keep the envelope anyways!

Do you think my fiance helped at all?? NOPE he did not do one damn thing with the invites! Don’t worry though he had the bright idea of getting a wax sealing kit to close them all. Pretty much it is the slowest thing ever it is like watching paint dry! you light the little candle stick, hold it at an angle over where you want to seal it, wait for it to heat up enough to drip, and then you drip drip drip until it looks like enough then you blow the candle out set it aside grab your stamp and push it into the hot wax, Phew you did it! one down 150 to go!!! So after doing like 5 I decided NO NOT HAPPENING, Jordon didn’t want to help write them out well he can seal them all then, it was his idea for the wax kit anyways! They do look pretty cool though I am glad he got it, I am just not doing it haha.

Hopefully we can have them all mailed out by this week.

Like I said above our wedding is going to be pretty freakin huge, it’s mostly because of my family there is a lot of us. When we were first writing out our list it was at 255 and still going up!! Obviously I was like HELL NO! that is way to many people we would get lost in the crown and people would forget why they were even there. This is our wedding I want the day to be all about us! and I think that is normal to want for your wedding day right?!? Anyways we finally got our list down to 230, still a lot but we are hoping they wont all come and or wont bring a guest. We had to take some people off who we just don;t see or talk to much anymore and lately as our wedding is getting closer people are asking if they are invited!?!? Are you kidding me!? that is so rude! you never ask that WTF is wrong with people. If you have to ask then no you are prob not invited because obviously we are not close enough where you would get a definite invite!

Just the other night Jordon and I were at my sister’s for dinner and 2 of THEIR friends were over also and they asked if we needed their address to send them an invite!!!!!!! I felt so awkward Jordon and I just looked at each other and I was like ummm….we haven’t even finished our invites yet we need to get on that and then changed the subject.

My sister told me her boss at work asked if we had sent out our save the dates yet cause they didn’t get one! hahahah I just don’t understand people. I would never do that! I’m not crazy right and that is rude to ask especially in front of the bride and groom it makes them feel uncomfortable.

Apparently everyone is thinking our wedding is going to be pretty freakin awesome! which is fine with me haha I just hope we live up to it and can make it happen!

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I made this blog so I could write about my days in my daycare and I have come to realize I only have like 1 post about it haha. So I guess this blog is mostly just about my life and whats going, could be a daycare day or about my wedding, or just how my day went who knows really.

Tonight when I am done work I haaaaaave to go grocery shopping for the daycare, ugghhhhhh I despise grocery shopping. I hate going alone and Jordon (fiance) will never come with me! I also hate going alone because I always have to get sooooo much food, my cart is literally over flowing, things are falling out, people are staring at my like I’m crazy and haven’t eaten in days. There is the occational person who asks “do you run a daycare?” and I am always like yessssss thank you!! I swear I am not this much of a pig and need all this food.

I had to leave back there because it was nap and everyone woke up πŸ™‚ but I will finish now.

So I went grocery shopping, people stared, like usual haha. I actually split it up this time and did all my bulky stuff at Sams Club and smaller stuff at target so it wasnt as huge of a load. Good plan Angie good plan πŸ™‚

My car was full to the roof I swear! And do you want to know what I hate more then going grocery shopping?? Unloading the fricken groceries!!! It is the worst, in and out, in and out a million efffinggg times!!! Then you have to put it all where it goes! Sometimes I hate being an adult. I miss the days when my mom would get home from grocery shopping and all I had to do was carry in a couple bags, and then I could sit back and eat a snack while I watched HER put it all away! Well not anymore now I have to do it all!! This being an adult shit sucks

Excpet that I love wine, being an adult made me love wine so thats always a plus haha. I want a glass right now actually….but no I should go to bed because you know what!? I just finished with the million trips in and out and then all the putting away of the fricken groceries! It is 9:42 waaaa past my bedtime.

Ok well now that you all know my feelings on grocery shopping and everything after my suggestion to you is do not own your own daycare because you will be going shoppong A LOT! And getting stared at A LOT! And making trips in and out of yoyr house to yoyr car A LOT And your fiance or significant other will NOT be there to help you! DAMN THEM!

And this is why I love wine πŸ™‚


National puppy day

I know this Monday is pretty much over buuuut I just realized it is nation puppy day!


Here are my pupparoos Josie is the darker one she is 4 years old and Guy is the other one he is 9 months old πŸ™‚ my FiancΓ© and I got them from petfinder.


They are pretty much the best of friends! And the cutest
We got Josie first and I felt like she needed a friend so that’s when I found cutie Guy. I think they were meant to be bffs, Josie’s birthday is Xmas eve and we got her on St . Patrick’s day and Guy’s Birthday is the 4th of July! Holiday puppies!!!!!!


Pretty much the cutest pic ever.

I would have a million animals if the FiancΓ© would let me! We alreasy have 2 cats, 2 dogs and a fish. But I just feel like having 2 of each is better cause then they have a friend haha except my cats, flea and bro,they do not get along. But every once in a while I will come home and find them snuggling and then as soon as flea sees me she swats Bro and takes off. I mean come on! you are not fooling anyone Flea, you were totally sleeping with him!!
Ok but enough about my kitties it is puppy day!! So here is another pic of my cuties


    Haha in their coats hanging outside.

Josie’s coat didn’t last long guy got ahold of it and ripped it apart the little shit! Guy pretty much chews up everything I don’t know how to stop it. He is lucky he is so stinken cute.
Ever since we got Guy (in october) Josie has turned into a bad girl. She is a very athletic dog and realized she can jump up on our counter! Yup our dang kitchen counter, so we have been making sure there is absolutly nothing out that she could get cause I think Guy gets her to jump up there and she knocks stuff down and then Guy chews it up! So annoying! Shes a rule breaker now cause of dang Guy!
Anyways happy National Puppy day!!! Give your puppies a kiss if you have them πŸ™‚ and if you don’t then maybe you should get one they are great friends! And will love you no matter what all the time!! A puppies love is like no other πŸ™‚ 

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Surprise Party Friday!

Finally Friday πŸ™‚ and it’s almost quittin time! only 3 more hours! this has been a good week though the kids have been great nothing to complain about really.

Tonight the fiance and I have a surprise party to go to for his older brother my soon to be brother in law. His gf is throwing it for him. It should be pretty fun.

I had a surprise party thrown for me once, it was pretty much the worst ever hahah I mean I can’t say my bff didn’t try. It was at this local bar and when I walked in no one said surprise and there was like 6 people. So either i am a loser and have no friends or my friends suck and didn’t show I will go with the ladder makes me feel better about myself haha.

My BFF tried really hard but the fiance didn’t help at all he was dumb and didn’t care enough about it which is pretty annoying but oh well I will still made the best of it and had a blast! I’m someone who can have a party by myself ha as long as there is music and dancing involved I am one happy camper!

So tonight at the party I will be the one in charge of the music! I can always get people dancing or maybe I can just get myself dancing and everyone else staring at me, maybe bopping a little ha Usually if I am out with a group of people and I suddenly disappear you can find me on the dance floor either alone or dancing with some randoms. I just love to dance! I’m probably not even as good as I think but who cares! what’s that saying “dance as if no one is watching”? that is mean to a T I do not care at all what you think of me and my sweet dance moves haha cause I’m having FUN!

a little off topic here but I am writing this during naptime because like i always say that is my time to relax and do what I want it’s like my break from the kids and all of my duties. WELLLLLLLL we have a child who lately has been waking up at 145-2 and just crying and crying and crying and CRYING! I go in and try to sooth him but as soon as I walk away he cries again I pick him up and its like magic he stops instantly, well sorry but that isn’t going to fly, he doesn’t need to be held all the time. so I sat him next to me and even that he cries cries cries he needs to be on me ugh! I just want a nice quite nap is that so much to ask? I feel bad that he is crying so much and it’s fine if he doesn’t want to sleep but being next to me should be fine for him. It doesn’t help that he is pretty dang cute though so it isn’t like it’s making me mad just a little frustrated cause this is my time. He has me all day until 1:00 and then from 3:00 until he gets picked up. Guess I will just have to deal until he gets back on the nap schedule.

OK back to tonight’s festivities! dancing and celebrating my OLD brother in law haha jk he is only going to be 31 I’m not to far behind (28 eeek!) So the BIL loves Harry Potter and wants to be a pirate haha he has always says he was born in the wrong time and he should have been born into pirate life! ARHHHGGG!! So his GF got us all eye patches and Harry Potter scar Tattoos, if you haven’t watched any of the H.P movies it is a scar on his forehead, so if you can picture 25 adults wearing eye patches and tattoos on our foreheads hahaha it should be pretty fun/funny and I’m sure he will love it and be very surprised! I will be sure to get lots of pictures! cause who wouldn’t want to look back on their 31st birthday and see eye patches and scar tattoos?! Best Surprise Birthday Party EVERR!!!

Ok well it is 3:00 and well my quiet time has been over since 2:00 dammit! but it’s time to turn the lights on and finish this Friday!

until next time have a good one!

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Yesss! it’s naptime, my favorite time of day πŸ™‚ I get to relax and do whatever really. I usually catch up on my shows or read. Lately I have been doing wedding things! That’s right I am getting married!!! woohoooo in 101 I will be Mrs. Keleher and Marry my bestfriend.

My fiance works at a rental place that my brother in-law happens to own πŸ™‚ so yeah we are able to find everything we need with them! very exciting stuff!

We are coming along pretty good, I will tell you one thing though I never want to plan another wedding! NO WAY! I mean it hasn’t been horrible but it hasn’t been great either. For one thing my fiance thinks I have all the time in the world to work on wedding stuff because I just “play with kids all day” ummm WRONG! my day is extremely busy with 5 toddlers and 4 babies running/crawling around. I always tell him he needs to come in and work with me for a week and see if he doesn’t count the hours until naptime so you can finally relax for a second!

Obviously I love what I do otherwise I would have never chose to open a daycare but it does get very tiring dang it! and naptime is my dang time! so sorry fiance but you are not cutting into to my time to just hang out and soak in the quiet for an hour or so. is that so much to ask!? I don’t think so.

All I did today was play memory, read books, change poopie diapers, chase babies with runny noses, and sooth the criers. So you tell me, am I selfish for enjoying 1 hour to myself doing nothing?? I don’t think so.

BTW I was beat like 4 times today in memory, if that doesn’t make an adult feel a little sorry for themselves I don’t know what would haha not to mention it was my niece P pod who beat me, she is 4, so I will never live it down and she will tell everyone! Little stinker! Thankfully I am not the only adult she can beat at memory so I don’t feel tooooo bad.

Well this post went kind of all over first nap then to wedding then back to nap then to being beat in memory by a 4 year old haha. oh well hope you enjoyed!

until next time have a god one!

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